Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Demo Hood at MR10

well...i guess i better post the finish pics of the Opti hood which i did at MR10 Autoshow..
here is some pics while i was doing the demo and plus the finish pics of the hood attached to the car..peace! and Enjoy airbrushing guys!!

My pic in Gila Kereta magazine.

Today (read the date..LOL)..my friend came to my house and bring a magazine called Gila Kereta..one of the top car modification mag. In the mag got a picture of me (airbrushing) and my booth. At Angsana JB. MR10 Autoshow, Malaysian Rally 2010. cant see my face though..haha! nevermind..at least im in it..Cheers and Enjoy your day!

GhostRider was snap and put into the mag..owner (black) was thrilled!~