Sunday, May 30, 2010

Airbrush Course with Vatos Airbrush Studio

Airbrush 1-O-1

Airbrush Course at Vatos Airbrush Studio. 7,10 or 14 days! Same price! Same results! Need no art basis at all!!


Courses available:

“Airbrush Artist in 7 Days”
: Basic strokes to advanced knowledge in automotive airbrushing.
: Know your airbrush. Troubles shoot.
: Reducer and paints.
: Mixing colors.
: Strokes. (Dagger, dotts, blending, boomerang, lines etc.)
: How to project images.
: BnW simple portraits skills n stencils.
: How to dragon scales.
: How to Marbelize.
: How to Snake Skin.
: How to mask n cut with xcato knife.
: How to prep. (Sanding, masking).
: How to use big guns for medium large areas to spray.
: How to Water Droplets.
: How to Spatter.
: How to sparkling star.
: 10 minutes skull.
: Some stencils play.
: Some freehand secrets.
: And so much more!
: U can earn money from airbrush jobs after this guarantee!

“How to True-Fire”

“Paint Mixing”
: Paint mixing.
: Binders, tinters, premix, solid, and 2k lacquer.

With more design- conscious community nowadays, airbrush skills has become a high demand skill in design industry. For product design especially, more manufacturers are looking forward to come out with eye-catching design on their products, and airbrush is a way to improve their product’s look. Airbrushers too are demanded in automotive industry, promotional event, packaging design, art production, and more. To meet the market demand for airbrusher, we had developed a fast-track airbrush workshop, which is run for 7,10 or 14 days. This programme covers from fundamental of airbrushing to the advanced techniques of airbrushing. At the end of the programme, trainees are guaranteed to earn a place in the market as an airbrusher.

Training objectives
This programme will help participants to:
- Know airbrush equipments and their function
- Know how to mix colors and paint
- Know the painting materials and how to use them
- Know how to project images for airbrushing
- Know how to use airbrush equipments
- Know the airbrushing techniques
- Develop own airbrush artwork

Who should attend?
Those who want to learn about airbrushing and enhance their airbrush techniques, those who wish to be an airbrush instructor and skill workers for auto painting in automotive industry. This workshop too is designed for those who are looking for making money as airbrush artiste.
OKU are not encouraged to take the class due to safety precautions. Trainees must not be colorblind.

10% theory and 90% practical

Course Outline:
This course is geared towards those that are keen in doing some serious airbrushing and those who wish take their airbrushing to the next level. It will touch on the most basic foundation of airbrushing and how to combine that with other techniques to bring more realism to your artwork. In this course you will learn about the various components of airbrushing:
Airbrush Equipments

- The various components of an airbrush
- Disassembly, cleaning, maintenances and reassembly of your airbrush
- Trouble shooting your airbrush

- Various components of your compressor
- Correcting pressure settings and maintaining your compressor
Fundamentals of creating Artwork with an Airbrush
- Stencil and Template preparation
- Control and Coordination of your Airbrush
- Basic Strokes (Dots, Daggers)
- Proper paint preparation
- Paint viscosity
- Make your Artwork Pop (Shadows and highlights)
Airbrush Effects
- Rendering rivets
- Rendering Rusted Metal
- Rendering Granite effects
- Rendering Stars and Star Burst Effects
- Rendering Rips and Tears
4. Course Project

- Trainees will be given a project to complete at the end of the course. Trainees will be required to complete their course project in 3 days.


Call Vatos80 Airbrush Studio for more info
Students from all around the world are welcomed!
Maximum 5 Students per course.
Accommodation and food can be arranged.

Call for More Info!!

we welcome all student from around the world!

:The new course name is Airbrush 101
7,10 and 14 days are all the same price! (Difference between hours..)
If ur not satisfied or failed to learn properly, our warranty is u can repeat the course with no XTRA charge at all!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Student Black..

Just wanted to share a clip of my student..his nick name is his one of my right hand man..check it out..feeling wanna be a pro like black? Give me a call... 016-2927751 (Amir)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Won Best Airbrush at AFOS SIC

Yesterday..(16th May) customers from Hunterz Motorsports was competing in AFOS Autoshow at Sepang International Circuit..3 of the cars had been airbrushed by me, 2 on the hoods (Angra and Demon Angel) and on Pearl Orange Wira car (skull, chains, ripped metal and fire)..
i arrived at SIC around 3pm along with student/best friend Black, my wife Ella and my 3 kids..the weather is sooooo hot that day..after looking around at the autoshow participant cars and pay some visit at TRAFFIC booth meeting my ol'friend Udj(Ujang)..cant stand the heat that day...too hot..then we decided to go home early and will not wait for the end result..we all decided to pay a visit to my student, house in Klang, Moya, with his newborn baby (maybe gonna be the next big star in airbrushing scene, who knows?)...after visiting, then we headed back home to meru Klang, stopped by at Tesco to buy some groceries ( new fridge...if u follow me on FB, u know what im bitchin The president of Hunterz Motorsports called me and gave me the good news...Shiraz car won best airbrush!! (Orange Pearl Wira)...woohoo!! im so happy!!
well..thats it i guess, i've work hard on that vehicle, and prove to the customer it was worth it..

Thanks Viz from KA..Great Event! Thanks to all Hunterz members, especially Shiraz..congrats!!
here are some pics of Hunterz motorsport vehicles at AFOS..
Note: Orange Pearl Wira won BEST AIRBRUSH..
Peace! Im out!...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finish pics of the Angra Hood.

Well guys, finally cleared..took this pics last nite. The owner was so happy bout it.cant complain bout that..just need to buff & polish next week..
just wanted to tell u a little story, the owner came with one of my previous customer (fire on Orange Wira) happen to be his friend. He told me, that his friend father (Orange Wira) loves his sons car very much after airbrushed and uses it for 1 week to show off at the office!! the Orange wira owner said, the work is awesome, and the artist is good! (thanks!) ..then the orange wira owner visit the hood owner house , then, the father of the hood owner saw the orange wira, admiring the airbrush, then ask the hood owner, why didn't u airbrush your car? then gave the money to him and ask him to airbrush the car right!
looking at my customers happy face when receiving their car is like a vitamin to gives me strength to carry on with my carrier as an airbrush artist..Peace!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Work in Progress..

Start work on it 3 days ago..just for demo and promotion purposes only, not doing it for massive production..the original artwork were by Genzoman, done using some computer software, i think its AI or CS3..
this hood is a fiberglass hood, sand the lacquer off with a 1000grit sandpaper.. after that i start sketching some lines using faber castell white pencils (water color pencil)..then layin out my white for the base color.. then came the tweaking part, change the skintone a bit..put a bit blue over it..then on the background using some sponges creating the clouds and smokes, using mostly hot white and pale green, then added some more green for darker tone...well, i guess im about 40-50% into the work till yesterday..8 hours were put into it...

hopefully i can finish this hood, so i can get straight to the Satria GTI with Darksiders and Satria Evo10 with Secret Theme.. ..erghhh!

Monday, May 10, 2010

About Vatos Airbrush Studio

Vatos Airbrush Studio website:
is a specialist when it comes to automotive enthusiasts (cars, trucks, 4x4’s, scooters, choppers, super bikes etc.) who seek individualization. Killer airbrush artworks are an innovative method of paint application that becomes a craze in Malaysia due to the influence of Hollywood’s The Fast and Furious movies. It is the ‘In’ thing to be zipping around town with killer graphics or awesome wild graphics to be airbrushed on one’s vehicle. Vatos80 airbrush studio provides door-to-door services.
We also accept airbrush job for Pc cases, murals, refrigerators, laptops, temporary tattoos, and on anything that the customers want!

: Amir Hakim Marwilis a.k.a Vatos80 is well trained and have a lot of experience in handling airbrush artworks on cars, murals, choppers, super bikes and on anything that sit stills. He has 6 years of experience in airbrushing. Grow-up in Shah Alam, Selangor. Learned mad freehand airbrush skills from an airbrush master from Australia, Mr. Wayne Harrison.
: Detailed artwork is a must for him. Customer satisfaction is his priority.

: Wide range of airbrush artwork can be choose from like wild graphics, race graphics, skulls, cute stuff , metal effects, water droplets, the world most famous “TRUEFIRE DESIGNS" and lots more.


: Airbrush Graphics for cars, scooters, super bikes, choppers, PCs, laptops, fridges, gifts or murals for offices, waiting lounges, hotel lobbies, clinics, kindergartens, clubs, baby room, cafes and the list go on.

: He uses Kinki KH-2 and ANEST IWATA HPC Plus for airbrushing. Kinki Minijet for spraying small parts like helmets, scooter cover sets etc. He uses ANEST IWATA LPH Series for spraying base coats, top coats and finishing.

: He uses 2k paint brands like Glassurit, House of Kolor Candies (for airbrush artwork like TRUE FIRE artwork), Dupont, and Miluz to do all the airbrush artwork. This is to make sure that the artworks or paintjobs turn out perfect.

: Glassurit is the brand that every paint shops or airbrush artist can’t deny the best looking 2K clear coat to protect and make any paintjobs or airbrush artwork to look really glossy and pop out.

: 2K (lacquer) finishing for big jobs is handled by the pros (optional: TOP SPRAY Sunway)

: Vatos80 Airbrush Studio is also selling Kinki and Anest Iwata airbrushes and paint guns.

: Vatos80 Airbrush Studio is also selling Dupont, Mercury, House of Kolor Candies and Miluz (2k premix paints and 2k paint tinters). 9 basic colors (1 Liter per color premix) for Airbrush Artist also available.

: He airbrushed a lot of commercial vehicles such as RED104.9fm, 98.8fm,,,, Securicor, 8TV, AirAsia, Dr.Fazley (Singer, actor) Deanna Yusoff Spidey X1R Full-face Helmet, Custom O.C.C (American Chopper) for Road King INC. Custom Chopper for TITAN RACING, Antera Motorsports, Outlawz INC, ArtEvo, Impreza Sony X-Plod, Astro RIA Mobilku and many more.

: He’s artwork on some custom modified cars, scooters and choppers had won several awards from 2002-2007 and he is continuing making award winning artwork.

: Digital artwork for customer to see before we proceed to the real thing also provided using Adobe Photoshop.
(Call for appointment, then takes several pictures of the customer vehicles or walls for the murals and then design the artwork using Adobe Photoshop)

: Reasonable price for airbrush artworks.
(Customer can compare with any airbrush shop around Malaysia including Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Thailand, or Singapore. Customer also can bring price quotation and design from other shops, show us and customers can compare Vatos80 Airbrush Studio price charge with others. Customers may be charge less but get equal artwork or maybe even much better artwork in detailed, quality, and finishing with Vatos80 Airbrush Studio.)

Silverstone CPU

Hi guys..did this cpu a while ago for a teenager who are so much into PC gaming..this cpu is quite big and a full alloy casing..prep it out nicely, using epoxy, all the parts inside was sprayed using a samurai heat resistant black.. then for the body, after the prep using epoxy and stuff, i applied a silver corsa..then i applied the droplets, after it dried out .. then i sprayed kandy blue all over it..after i finish kandy the whole cpu body, i start working on the some homemade stencil for it, so i lay a loose misting of the chain just to create some guides, then i come in freehanded all the chains..after im done with the chains, then i will do the chemical flame..simple white and turqoise kandy for the fire just enuff to seperate the base and the fire..well..thats about it..and the wordings (silverstone).i forgot bout the wording psshhh!!! i use A4 paper, printout the name, then cut it out..spray white all over inseide the block..mist some blue from top..then spray a bit dark blue on the bottom..then using a paper i lay it across the block stencil..and i spray white..walla! some kinda metal chrome effect thingy...peace out!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is Amir Vatos Airbrush Studio

Hello everyone, this is my first blogging attempt. Sorry if my english is not so good.Well, what im gonna babling bout? Airbrush, yes, about airbrush. Right here in my studio a.k.a my own home, we do airbrush work mostly automotive airbrush work, on cars, bikes, fridges, home app, cpus and much more.
My name is Amir Hakim Marwilis, u guys can just call me Amir, been airbrushing since around 2002 till now and hopefully i can continue airbrushing till the end of my last breath. Most of my work u can see on Cars, some bikes..doin lots on commercial vehicles.
Learn freehand airbrush skills from Wayne Harrison from Australia, while i was selected as one of the first artist to work at NitroDesigns Sunway, they were paying Wayne to come down and teach us how to airbrush. Well time goes by, after 2 years of praticing day and night, im now actually quite satisfied bout my skills in Airbrush and became an airbrush instructor myself.
Maybe after i figured out hot this blogspot work, i can post blogs bout my airbrush class, my students and more..just give me some time to figure it out. Till then.