Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hades Hood!

1 of the latest work done on a hood, Hades on Ulicafoma Motorsports ride.. Enjoy and Cheers!

Carbon Fiber effects with and Without Kandies.

Just trying out some new stuff.. Airbrushed by my student from Black Airbrush Studio. We are trying to achive 80% of the real carbon fiber look, well here are the results. Pics were taken before and after laying kandy color.

Hope u guys like it. Peace!


Just for our fans, here are couple of Wallpapers of the Nissan (Rain The Demon Angel) Hope u guys like it. Edited by our good friend, Mr.Arez Ezman and Mr.Lotfi Huzaini. Thanks Guys!

1st Place Best Airbrush Champion Autoshow in Kajang

this was before the latest back2back win..forgot to update my blog..been super buzy..hope will continue on winning.. Peace!

1st Place!! Autoshow Champion and 1st runner-up!

Nissan Sentra Raid the Demon Angel
Champion for Best Airbrush

My work won Best Airbrush Champion and also 1st runner-up...both won by my latest work..Nissan Sentra and Proton are some pics at the show..

Proton Satria GTI Darsiders
1st Runner-up

Rain The Demo Angel Hunterz Motorsports.

Finish pics of Hunterz Motorsports Nissan Sentra..
Hope u guys like it.. the Theme of this car is Rain The Demon Angel..
i've used blue for the Angel side and truefire for the Demon front..